A Report On The Accident That Killed Bill

 Vukovich In The 1955 Indianapolis 500-Mile-Race




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This is a list of individuals, organizations companies and sources who contributed to this report.


Eiki Motion Picture Film Equipment

Craig 16mm Motion Picture Viewers

Epson Professional Scanning Equipment

Adobe Photoshop Image Editing Software

Pinnacale Video Editing Computer Software

Adobe Premier Video Editing Computer Software


Phillips DVD Recorders

IMS Official Trackside Photo Shop

Doak Ewing, Rare Sportsfilms

The Fresno Bee

The Indianapolis Star

The Indianapolis News

The Indianapolis Times

Speed Age Magazine

Motor Trend Magazine

Motorspeed Magazine

Marlene Vukovich

eBay Online Auctions

The San Francisco Chronicle

The San Francisco Examiner

City of Speedway Fire Department

Janet Vukovich King

True Magazine

Life Magazine

The Bakersfield Californian

Floyd Clymer Publications

Mike Thompsen, WISHTV 8 Indianapolis

Hot Rod Magazine

Rick Vukovich Amabile

Angelo Angelopolous

Russell Easley

Tim Colip

Carl Colip

The Sacramento Bee

Chicago Tribune

Larry King

Richard Smith

Bob Melton

Russ Reed, The Oakland Tribune

WIBC, Indianapolis

WIRE, Indianapolis

Motor Life Magazine

Claude Eisner

Dr. Henry Bock

Rodger Ward

Lucky Lager Sports Time

United States Auto Club

Bernie Rhoades

Dave Wilson, 500 Broadcaster

McClatchy Broadcasting Company

Bob Rushing

Denise Tirrell

Armin Krueger

Ed Elisian

Ed Stergar

Jack Finney


Ron Albright, Racing Writer

Dennis Johansen, USAC

Michael Ray

Bob Gates, Author "Vukovich"

Robert Groden, Author and Photo Expert

IMS Radio Network

John Roger Carey

Johnny Boyd

Jerry Dorich

Eldora Prietto

Cornelius Ryan, Collier's Magazine

Paul McCarthy

Eric Bruns

Hertz Rental Cars

Eli Vukovich

Sport Magazine

Greg Littleton, Editor, Author, "The Roadsters of Indianapolis"

Donald Davidson, IMS Historian

Ron Austin

Kodak 16mm Motion Picture Cameras

JVC S-Video Cameras

Sony Video Editing Equipment

Dynamic Films, New York, N.Y.

Craig Stewart


Richard A. Andre'

National Speed Sport News

Sid Collins

Beth Keller

Jack Reynolds, Craig Stewart Productions

Marion County Indiana Library System, Indianapolis

California State Library

ESPN Sports Century

Bob Russo

Jack Shapiro

Russ Catlin

A. J. Watson


Sony Digital Recorders

HP, Compaq and Dell Computers

A. J. Foyt

ULead Professional Imaging Software

The Black & White Photo Shop

Ed Watson, Publisher "Vukovich"

Ron McQueeney

J.C. Agajanian

Al Bloemker, IMS Publicity Department

George Dean, McClatchy Newspapers

Hal Verb, Author and Researcher

Sony Studio Video Cameras

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Rebecca Dean, R.N.

IMS Old Timers Club

Tom Carnegie

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Chevrolet Motor Division

Associated Press

United Press International

Paul Page

Frank Coon

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Denny's Restaurants, Indianapolis

Frank Gilbert, The Mail Room, Speedway, Indiana

IMS Museum

Dick Wallen

Tom Motter, Author and Racing Historian

Andy Roberts

Henri Greuter

Dorie Sweikert

Jim Travers

Nationaal Automobiel Museum

Marion County Records Department

McGilvery's Restaurant, Speedway, Indiana

JVC Video Projectors

Sony Video Projection Monitors

Larry Wheat, Sumar

John Malloy

American Airlines

National Indy 500 Collectors Club

Chicago Tribune

John Darlington, Indianapolis 500-Mile-Race Historian & Collector,  President NI500CC

Sports Illustrated Magazine

National Auto Racing Memorabilia Show

Union Jack Pub, Indianapolis, Indiana

Gary O'Brien

Jack Fox

Kurtis Kraft Race Cars, Los Angeles, California

The Race

Dalia 3-D Stereo

The Illustrated History of the Indy 500

Mercury Records

Maurice Music

Traco Engineering, Culver City, California

And A Never Ending Trail of Leads and Locations












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