A Report On The Accident That Killed Bill

 Vukovich In The 1955 Indianapolis 500-Mile-Race




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This is Vukovich in a dirt car at Sacramento year unknown.

A wider view of the Sport Magazine picture of Victory Lane in 1954.

Vukovich at Mexican Road Race in 1954. Vuky wore this jacket on morning of 1955 race.

Vukovich with unknown person at unknown place. Living room of Vukovich home?

Vukovich at same unknown place for reasons unknown.

Has there ever been a driver who looked more menacing than Vukovich behind the wheel of the Fuel Injection Special.

Jack McGrath, Vuky's greatest nemisis, prepares for his last ride, Phoenix, Arizone 1955.

Rex, wife Rebecca with Tony Kanaan at Indy 08. Tony's mother was born about the year Vuky won first "500".

Vukovich battles competitor in Old Ironsides at Balboa Stadium in San Diego

Unknown year and location from Vukovich profile article in February 1962 issue of Car Life magazine.

Al Keller going through turn at Sacramento one week before he died in accident at Phoenix.

Midgets go though Turn Four at 16th Street Speedway across from IMS the night before the 1955 500. Vukovich was rumored to have been in the pits.

This was one from a series of photos taken for Firestone in front of Vuky's garage in 1953.

Vuky makes a pit stop in 1953. Jim Travers handles the rear jacks.

Google Earth view of the old Keck Oil Refinery in Torrance where the Whiz Kids had their racing shop.

Vuky with friend Bill Stoppe who drove this Merc powered Kurtis Kraft

A series of three photos of the FIS partially disassembled for maintenance. There is a nother picture from this series at another area of the photos.

Enhanced image of the large post card of the Jimmy Bryan '55 Dean Van Lines car which took the lead after Vuky was killed..

Vukovich in Old Ironsides at Stockton 99 Speedway

Rare autographed photo.

Interesting diarama type shot of Vukovich in the FIS. Image was apparently created with photo backdrop and handbuilt model including a figure of Vuky

Vukovich is shown driving the Vic Edlebrock Ford Kurtis Kraft about 1947-48.

Vukovich trails Duane Carter who drove relief for Sam Hanks laps from lap 152 to 200 in '53 race.

Vukovich and the crew of Central Excavating Special in 1951.

Taken at Indy in what we think is 1955. The driver on Vuky's left is Johnny Tolan followed by midget driver Frank Burany who is next to Jack Turner. The person on Vuky's right is believed to be Barney Christensen who crew chiefed for several teams in the 50's.

Interesting drawing somebody did of the 1955 Hopkins Special.

Rare color shot of the 1954 Royal 500 Pace Car.

Trading card of Vukovich.

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