A Report On The Accident That Killed Bill

 Vukovich In The 1955 Indianapolis 500-Mile-Race




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The initial picture by UP (full frame version) of Vukovich's car upside down after it came to rest.

Cropped version of the previous photo.

Ed Elisian gets out of his car and runs across and down the track to help Vukovich.

Another early shot of the Vukovich car after it stopped.

Al Keller and others turn over Boyd's car. Red vehicle to the left is the pickup that Vukovich car hit.

A shot from across the track of Vukovich's car burning just after it stopped.

Another shot taken from across the track by the same photographer.

A scene looking North which shows approximately how far Ward's car continued on down the track past the bridge.

Another early view of the wreck scene.

One of the many accident pictures taken just after the accident was over. Arrow is pointing toward Boyd's car. Elisian is standing along fence.

Scene up the Backstretch toward Turn Two. Cars are in the same position they stopped with the exception of Boyd's car which has been turned over.

Same scene from the other side looking north.

Another view of Ward's car shortly after he exited vehicle.

Accident scene from the bridge with captions.

An extreme closeup from previous picture showing what appears to be Elisian because of clothes and oil spattered on pant leg.

A rare shot of the car upside down. Number is visible behind wrecked front end.

Boyd is loaded into ambulance.

Another early view of accident scene.

Rescue workers try to pull Boyd's car off the track.

At far right, Boyd's car is manhandled over the fence.

A computer combined version of the Life Magazine photo showing the Vukovich car and the fire truck that just arrived.

A long range view of the fire truck spraying the car with fire retardant chemicals.

The car is sprayed with fire retardant apparently which was carried on the fire truck.

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