A Report On The Accident That Killed Bill

 Vukovich In The 1955 Indianapolis 500-Mile-Race




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    Obviously there is a tremendous amount of material in this report.  But there is still much more exciting material out there -- some of which we know exists and can't get our hands on and some that we don't know about.  We have lost many rare items on Ebay by being outbid.

     If you have ANY material on Bill Vukovich that doesn't appear to be on this web site that you can loan us then please email or phone.

   The material may be anywhere.  Some of it may be in magazines, books, newspapers, original photographs, tribute magazines (there were several we know of) private home movies, videos of television shows.  There is nothing that is too small to be considered.  Anything could be of interest.  Just about any photograph taken at Indianapolis in the Month of May in 1955 would be helpful.  Sometimes, a picture that is seemingly useless can be brought back to life using image software.  They can be horrible prints, damaged prints -- even negatives.  Something in the background of a photo can be useful.  With all of the equipment available today much can be done to restore them.  And it does not have to be concerning the accident.  Anything on Vuky's career would  be appreciated.  All original material will be returned.

    This web site occasionally asks Vukovich fans if they have anything not on this web site. Invariably everybody says no.  But we suspect that if they were to personally go through all of their collection they would find new material.  This has happened several times.  So please, if you are a Vukovich fan and have a large collection, please search for items that could be used on the site.  You may have something extremely valuable. 

     If you don't want credit for it or don't want anybody to know who it is from, then send it anonymously over email.  This has happened to us and we have received rare information and photos.

     If you have photographs that you have no way of scanning, if you send them to us we can scan and enhance them here and provide you with CD files of the images and/or make photo quality prints of the enhanced images that well could exceed the originals.

    If you have 16mm or 8mm films we can transfer them to DVD using professional equipment and give you a high quality DVD copy at no charge.  Even if the films are damaged, dark, overexposed or apparently not useful, still photographs can be made from the films from almost nothing. 

    Here are some ideas of possible sources --

     Any newspaper that covered the '55 race with a correspondent which would give different information than the wire services.

     Private photographs from the '55 race or the Month of May.

     Audio tapes of interviews of engine sounds from that era..

    Private movies taken at the track in 1955 of anything -- crowds, the track, cars, people, midget racing from across the street.

    People who were at the track that day (does not have to be an accident witness)..

    Articles from obscure magazines that covered the race that otherwise would not have done so.  One example is from True magazine in 1955.  They had a short article on the '55 race and the accident but we have been unable to locate the issue or a copy of it.  The article was so obscure that it would do no good to search Ebay as the seller would not list the article in the description.  

    We certainly don't have everything ever printed, written about, photographed or thought of regarding this event.  Not even close.  So don't assume we do.  In fact, we have received very few duplicates of what has been sent us.  You very well may have something that could drastically enhance this web site and give everybody something new an exciting to see that otherwise would never have seen or known about. 

Contact: Rex Dean

Phone (916) 487-3536

Email rexdean@vukovichaccident.com  


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