A Report On The Accident That Killed Bill

 Vukovich In The 1955 Indianapolis 500-Mile-Race




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Due to the excessive time required, unless otherwise posted it is recommended that only high speed internet users attempt to download the videos. 

First Lap

First Lap From Bridge

Vukovich Makes Move on McGrath in Turn One

Vukovich Driving Through Turn

Accident Cropped But Unstabilized

Accident Cropped and Slow Motion

Accident Real Time But Cropped and Stabilized

Accident Slow Motion 8mm Amateur Film

Accident Composite Slow Motion

Closeup of Vuky Car Burning Slow Motion

Firemen Putting Out Fire Slow Motion

Vukovich Car Burning and General Accident Scene

Accident Scene Panning Left

Apparent Injured Fan on Infield Side of Accident

Firetruck Starting To Accident Scene From Garage Area

McGrath Car Being Pushed Back To Garage Area After Pulling Out

Vukovich In First Turn On Qualifying Run 1955 Slow Motion

Vukovich Waves At Camera 1955 Slow Motion

Vukovich Looks Back 1952 Slow Motion

Pit Stop 1953 Slow Motion

Fresno Parade Movies

Vukovich Snowball Fight

Vukovich Receiving Trophy

Jim Travers Describes Accident in 2008 Interview

Crowd Scenes The Day Before Race

Cropped and Stabilized View of Vukovich in FIS Rolling To Stop in '52

Pat O'Conner Spins in Hopkins Special in '54

Vukovich in pits at 100 Mile Championship Car Race

Vukovich Drives Pace Car He Won in '54 To Pace Dirt Track Field

Vukovich In Jones & Maley Special, 1954

Rebuilt Hopkins Special Enters The Pits for Last Time in 1956

Home Movies of Rex's First Trip To Indy in June of 1959

Video of Pace Lap and First Lap Synchronized With Radio Broadcast

     6.96 MB

Small File Version of Same Video For Dial-Up Users

     910 KB

Vuky Music Video Tribute

     6.5 MB  (Note: File too large for Dial-Up users)

Ed Elisian Slides To A Stop  (Did he pull over on his own or was he trying to avoid Keller.)

Crowd Scenes Outside Track The Morning of 1955 Race

Garage Area Before '55 Race Stabilized

Stabilized Film of Vukovich Before Race

View of Cars From Grandstand in Turn One Stabilized














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