A Report On The Accident That Killed Bill

 Vukovich In The 1955 Indianapolis 500-Mile-Race




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Saturday August 13, 2011                               vukovichaccident.com


     I wanted to let you all know that my husband Rex Dean, the author and founder of this web site, has passed away after a long and courageous battle with lymphoma.  I will leave this web site up for as long as possible for research purposes. Unfortunately, I have been notified that our web server will no longer support Microsoft Front Page publishing after September 12th, 2011which is what we use.  The web page will still be accessible after that but contact page and some other features may not work properly. If you wish to email after that date please use rexdean@vukovichaccident.com.  I do not expect that I will be able to update this site or change to a new publishing tool due to my lack of know how on web publishing.  There is a memorial fund to help with the uncovered medical expenses.  To make a contribution you can make checks payable to NTAF Southwest Stem Cell Transplant fund, but please in the memo section write in memory of George Rex Dean. Mail to NTAF 150 N. Radnor Chester Road, Suite F-120 Radnor PA 19087.  For secure credit card donations call 1-800-642-8399 or visit www.ntafund.org and enter George Dean in the find a patient box. Rex has truly enjoyed doing the work on this web site.

     The following is a comprehensive report and photographic record of the fatal accident in the 1955 Indianapolis 500-Mile-Race that took the life of two-time Indianapolis "500" winner Bill Vukovich while he was leading the race and going for his third victory in a row.

     Since this was one of the most significant events in the history of automobile racing and perhaps in the world of sports; and since a considerable amount of misunderstanding has always been associated with the event; and since many people were deeply affected by what happened that day, this report is meant to establish once and for all and beyond any reasonable doubt exactly what happened before, during and after the accident. 

     This report is the result of many years of detailed analysis using all of the author's abilities and knowledge in automobile racing, motion pictures, video, computers, photo analysis, research techniques and experience gained from other research projects he has been involved in.  It is his belief that he has put to rest all of the myths and rumors and established the true facts of exactly what happened to Bill Vukovich on May 30, 1955 in the Indianapolis 500-Mile-Race.

     From time to time new information, if it surfaces, will be incorporated into this report.  Additionally, since there are undoubtedly more photos that exist that we don't have, new ones may be added from time to time as they come in so please check this site occasionally.

     If you have contradictory information as to the content of this report, please email the author.  If the information can be verified, the report will be changed to reflect it.   In addition, if you find any of this material to be too graphic, objectionable or inappropriate please notify the author for possible exclusion from the site.

     If you have any photos, movies, written material, magazines, books or information on this accident or Bill Vukovich that are not included in this report that you would like to loan, please email or phone the author for possible use on the web site.  You will note the site has evolved into a tribute to the great two time Indy winner as well.  Please click on the contributions link in the main menu.   And if you just want to comment on the event, please email also. 



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